What started with a simple question about bike helmets nearly resulted in the lid of Pandora's box being lifted. Thankfully it remained just ajar! Mrs Wilson, our YouthCare Officer came to me with a question about the availability of bike helmets. As I wasn't sure, I explained I'd check & let her know. Cue for a ride on the wild side & some very fancy feetwork (definitely not mine!)

So with my queries in hand I started asking. What I found out was that a portion of the Connecting Schools Grant had yet to be spent. It turns out that our Champion, Miss Wittber had got the ball rolling (& would have sorted the rest in Term 1) but sadly she had to take extended sick leave, before this could be completed. With the end of June fast looming if we wanted to put the rest of the Grant to good use we had to get moving! Hence the fancy footwork by stand in Champion Mrs Hall who got straight onto it & now with everything sorted we CAN say we are done! (well just waiting on delivery)

The initial part of the Grant was Bike Ed, completed last December & a story duly written (7-12-23). In "Part 2," the school has opted for an eclectic range of bike associated items; think helmets, locks, pumps, bells, a couple of scooters, some balance bikes, a couple of bikes & some good old spokey dokes! The school is looking at encouraging safe Active Transport by our students including some who may need some assistance with some of the "hardware" associated with AT. To this end this is where the bikes & helmets come in to the picture.

A HUGE Thank you to Carol-Ann & Lisa Hall for your expeditious efforts in getting this sorted. The school will be a better more ACTIVE place because of your efforts.

As soon as the gear arrives, expect a couple of photos!

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Rebecca (Your Move)

Hi Arlene. Moral of the story...don't ask questions??!! 🤣🤣 Fantastic effort by all to complete the spending spree (all for AT - so that is GREAT! 😀) Look forward to seeing the pics. Acquittal points were awarded back in December, (7-12-23), but I'm offering you 10 points in exchange for this informative update. 👣🥳

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All good, Rebecca! Lisa (of fancy feetwork) was getting a little toey about making sure all the Grant requirements had been ticked off, hence the update! This story also gave us the opportunity to explain the WHY & WHAT of the rest of the spend. Yes just awaiting the arrival of the gear & then photos will be posted. Will it be Xmas in June??

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