All wheeled together!

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

R2SD & DYWs were rolled together this year. Here is how the Team saw the morning unfold.

Our Principal, Miss Murray, students, parents, Coles & the YM Team were involved in Decorate Your Wheels this morning. Nearly he whole school participated in DYWs. Mrs Yates lost count after getting to 100! The YM Team has never seen the bike racks so FULL. Juliette.

The decorated wheels looked amazing. There were ribbons & fabric with many different colours & patterns. The event participants wrapped fabric around their wheels. After our breakfast there was a parade of the decorated wheels. At the end of the parade all bikes & scooters were in a big group together & it looked really good. Miranda.

This year our DYWs took place on the basketball court, where we also enjoyed our yummy sausage sizzle for breakfast. The best thing was seeing how many attended & participated in our event. Another great result about today was we had so much Active Transport & the parade. Aryanna.

There were so many sets of wheels that when we had the parade we needed to make a spiral to fit everyone in. Eli.

Notes from the Team: I think we could have made it even better by having some craft items beside the material. Next year I think we should have the parade on the oval. The parade went like a snake & then it turned into a big photo. There were so many people it was way too hard to count them all.

The Team helped students decorate their bikes if they needed inspiration. Everyone who brought their wheels was invited to enjoy a BBQ breakfast. The YM Team would like to thank Miss Murray for supporting R2SD & for coming up with the 2021 DYWs. Also thank you to Mr Mac & Mrs Millar (our Deputies), Mrs Yates & Coles (for supplying & cooking our BBQ.) A big well done to all of our "wheelers!" Jack

Footnote: we were all so busy we didn't get a chance to take photos but our trusty resident school photographer, Mrs Lightfoot, did! Shots from the day coming soon!

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James (Your Move)

What a day! Your student writers have done a great job at capturing the energy and fun of your R2SD and Dress Your Wheels events. I love the suggestion of providing craft materials to help out anyone who needs it. You have earned 40 points for R2SD, 20 for your DYW addition, 10 for a great read, 5 for student perspectives and another 5 for sharing your "lessons learned".

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