This afternoon we met for the first time this term with lots to consider...Re-visiting our planning was first on the agenda. A few tweaks to make the term workable (with NWS2SD postponed, we started looking at some ideas for "something" for this term)

Onto the idea of a class competition, just touching round the edges for today (code for more information as we work it out!) We briefly talked about the when, how & what and of course should there be some incentives/prizes. Got the creative juices flowing!

Next Wheeling Wednesdays was discussed at length & this time the who (would be handing out the raffle tickets on Wednesday.) The Team decided that everyone would pitch in & then once we were back with Assemblies, we would revert to our WWs roster. All good. Then just as we were winding up for the day, Ruby remembered & reminded us that in the present circumstances, no one is allowed onto school grounds till just about class time. OUCH! Another factor out of our control, so for the present WWs is in recess.

Next week the Team will reflect on Term 1; something that was to have been completed last term, but it got sidelined! This actually has worked in our favour, as we had time this afternoon to have a good discussion about last term. So next week look out for our T1 reflections.

The "out of our control" came up regularly this afternoon as we worked our way through modifying our planning. Actually it was an excellent life lesson: sometimes you just cannot do what you had planned because other factors are out of your control. Being able to accept what you cannot control & then being able to work from that, is a worthy lesson to learn.

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James (Your Move)

I'm really enjoying reading how so many schools are adapting so well to the current circumstances - and of course Warnbro is no exception! I love reading your run downs of your planning sessions Arlene - you do such a good job of letting us all see how well student lead programs can be implemented. Your 'control' discussion reminds me of probably the most useful thing I learned in all the project management training I have done over the years - the C.I.A principle. That being that if you can't (C)ontrol something, and you can't or aren't prepared to (I)nfluence it then you must (A)ccept it - I could have saved years of angst if I had learned that in primary school like your students! So.... you have earned 10 points for your term 2 planning session, plus a bonus 20 for keeping me so inspired with your insider details - chat soon!

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