At Last Introducing the Team!

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Introductions are completed & planning is underway for our first big event (Bike Week.) Firstly, Team introductions:

Bryce says: I am a YM member for 2019. I am doing YM because I like working with my friends. I want to get better at working with people. I'd like to do more events & reach Double Platinum.

Ashleigh noted: This year out of YM, I want to get to build up even more confidence in talking in front of people & I want to use Active Transport more. My YM goals for 2019 are to use teamwork better, be more active & get 5 stars on my Star Card. The important YM goals for the YM Team in 2019 are to get to Double Platinum, get more kids to use AT more & to get over 53% AT being used by the end of the year.

Shyloh wrote: Hi, my name is Shyloh & I like netball. I'm doing YM because I like working as a team but I'm not good at it. What I would like to get out of YM is working as a team & being a school leader. The important YM goal is getting to Double Platinum.

Charlotte said: I love bike rides. I'm doing YM because I wanted to be part of a leadership group. I want to be known around the school. My goal this year is to remember my badge, shirt & folder. The YM goal is definitely Double Platinum.

Lurren added: I am a 2019 YM Team member. I am doing YM because I love helping people, working as a team & trying to get people more active.I would like to get the joy out of YM & work together as a GREAT team, making it more fun so that next year kids with great minds will join so the next YM team can be stronger than ever! My goals for YM is to try to think of great ideas & activities, to get along, to help people & hopefully grow more confidence. The goals for the YM Team is to be the best team we can be, get along, have lots of fun activities & encourage kids to ride, scoot, skate or walk.

Lastly, Ferdinand: I am a member of YM 2019. I am doing YM because I want to see more people use Active Transport. The thing I want to get out of YM is to host events & make new ones. My goals this year are to get more bike racks & to get at least 50% using AT. My YM Team goal is to get to Double Platinum.

Being inspired by yet another bunch of switched-on students! Keep watching this space!

Bike Week planning now has our undivided attention! BW here we come!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for all your introductions! You received 10 points for sharing that in such detail, plus a bonus 5 for it being straight from the kids' mouths. I love the range of personal goals in particular - from 'remembering my badge' to 'joy' to 'working better in a team'. Great reading - thanks!

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Thanks, James. I am always heartened by what gets written. It will be interesting to see at the end of the year if everything they hoped for has become reality. I find the reflections are just as inspiring.

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David (Your Move)

Looking forward to another great year with the Warnbro Your Move team!

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