At Last, Our Introductions.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

With the flurry of Bike Week behind us, the Team has been able to get down to finishing off introductions!

I am Jared.I am doing YM to get more people using Active Transport. I want to try & get to Double Platinum and to try to get at least 50% AT in the school.Our important goal is to work together as a team to encourage kids to use AT.

My name is Charli. I thought it seemed like fun & I want to encourage people to walk, ride, skate & scooter (not drive so often.) I want the school to start using more AT. The important goal for me this year is getting 70% of the school using AT. By the end of Term 1, my goal is 50% AT & Double Platinum by the end of 2018.

I am Ashleigh. I am doing YM because it seemed like fun & I get to do fun stuff & organize events. I joined because I like how the old YM & TS did all the events & other stuff. The important goal for me is to get more people using AT including me. My Team goal is to get people using AT more & to get to Double Platinum by the end of 2018.

Hi, my name is Tori & I'm part of the YM Team. I'm in the Team because I want to encourage others to get more active. I want at least half of the school to use AT. My goal for this year is for the school to get to Double Platinum. I think YM should be able to get everything done on time.

I am Mitchell, a member of the YM Team. I am doing YM for a bit of fun & to make friends. The important YM goals for me this year are to have fun & make friends.

I am Hayleigh, a 2018 YM Team member. I want to encourage our school to walk, ride, bus or train to school every day. I also wanted to try something new. I joined so I could work in a team. My goals are to work co-operatively & be on time every week. My Team goal is to get to Double Platinum.

Mentor's note: there are a couple of common threads running through all of this. I think our stitching will result in a strong fabric! I am looking forward to a fabulous year with a great bunch of young people. Lucky me!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for introducing your new team - and yes, in case you were wondering, you do get bonus points for setting up a new team! I love how everyone has considered their personal and team goals.

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