With all the "busy-ness" of this term it has taken all of this time to finally get our goals & planning discussed, sorted & down! As this is always a working document, we have already added something to Term 3 (RAC Little Legends visit?) We will refer to this throughout the year, possibly adding (or deleting) as we go. Then at the beginning of next year we will use it as a base from which to work out our 2020 planning.

OOPS! I really should have taken this down to write the What & When, but the really important part is the Done!

Footnote: Before we added the HU count which came in late,we had achieved our goal of 55% AT by the end of Term 1. After adding the latecomer, our count was skewed back to 51% due to a very low AT ( parents Pre-Primaries are quite capable of doing some getting to school via "feet-power!"). Our overall total numbers were lower due to camp, but we chose to check just to see how our goal panned out. We will keep "pedalling" fantastic feet power!

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James (Your Move)

I do love a good plan - especially a flexible one. I have relinked this story to the "Define your issues and make a plan" activity (25 points). It is worth a bit more than the "planning session" activity (15 points) so you ended up a little bonus.

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David (Your Move)

As always, good to see Warnbro Primary demonstrating a considered and well thought out approach to program planning. Looking forward to more updates throughout the year.

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Thanks, James & Dave, we find that by having that framework, it helps keep us on track & at a glance we can see How, What & When we are achieving.

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