Baby steps to Volunteer Power.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Today the Team took baby steps in collaborating with the P&C to extend our Active Transport footprint (& so lessen our carbon footprint)

This planning started some weeks ago with a brainstorming session:

From here the Team started working on the strategy for the meeting with the P&C rep.

President Melissa was very forthcoming with some ideas to help the P&C make a WSB a reality. So the Team is off to talk to peers & parents! We also looked at some tentative dates & a day (Toesdays!) with a "trial day" linked to our Term 4 Walk day. Tomorrow Melissa will present a report about this afternoon to the P&C. In the meantime, the Team will do its homework!

Above, the Team presenting each part of the "argument." I am very pleased to say that each of the Team sorted who was saying what & when. It was a good discussion with lots of positives (actually ALL positives!) Well done, Team and THANK YOU Melissa.

Mentor's note: maybe the Team is set to be a team of engineers: each is certainly very good at building bridges!

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James (Your Move)

I love seeing how the team has taken their ideas from the LLs and are continuing to progress them - well done everyone! You have already earned points for "Volunteer Power" this year, so I have linked your story to the activity where the team presents at a workshop, which earns you 40 points (plus 10 for your work in putting together a wonderful story 😊).

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