Back in the Swing of Things

Arlene Yates

The Team reported at today's assembly. Here is the gist of Ruby's & Jess' report:

Good morning, everyone. Our HU Champions are R6 with 30% AT & R14 with 51% AT. Well done everyone who chose AT as the way to come to school. Our Toesday winners are.... See us at the end of assembly to make your choice from the prize box.

We now have 135 Star Carders. That is 57% of the school. We have Star Carders in every class. Nice work everyone! Our goal is to have a 70% SC participation rate by the end of the year. Remember every Toesday that you use AT, you get a STAR on your SC. 5 in a row is a pick from the prize box. And REMEMBER that coming to school by public transport (bus &/or train) is using AT.

Remember every Wednesday you ride your wheels to school & park in the bike racks, you earn a raffle ticket. Just make sure to see us at the bike racks! Our Wonderful Wheelers are....

We are launching a NEW campaign! Last year as part of our 10 year celebrations, we trialled Incidental Incentives. This year we have decided to roll this into a new campaign.....

Don't forget our Walk to School Day is Friday 17th May. Join us on one of our hosted walks to school. You MIGHT just be one of our Wonderful Walkers on the day!


Mentor's note: Yes we ARE back in the swing of things for T2!

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Rebecca (Your Move)

Hi Arlene. Wow! Straight back into it. That's fantastic! 😁 Continuing your Toesdays and WWWs in Term 2 has earned you 110 points, also 60 for your interclass comp, 30 points for including Your Move in an assembly, 10 points for the AT stats, 10 points for the news from Ruby and Jess. See you just after the 17th May. Have a great Walk to School Day. 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️🚶Looking forward to hearing all about it.

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