Best Feet Forward at Warnbro!

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

First session for the term & we are already busy! The Team started Wheeling Wednesdays this morning to co-incide with Ride 2 Work Day, but that is for another story... Also on the agenda was preparing for Warnbro's Walk 2 School Day next week, so to say we were busy is an understatement.

Charlie wrote: We are doing WsW2SD on Friday 25th October. We are also trying to encourage kids to use AT as a way of coming to school. We are also inviting guest walkers to come & walk with us.

Keithah added: We are doing WsW2SD to support AT. This way less people use cars to come to school. We want people to feel motivated to walk or cycle to school.

Beau offered this: We have to come up with the idea then discuss how we will run it.Then we organize for prizes (lucky dip Wonderful Walker prize!) & how we will present the prizes. At recess we will serve platters of fruit & vegetables to celebrate our AT event. We have also invited VIPs because they love to see you all walk to school & ride, skate & scoot.

Lurren summed up with: We hope that as a result of WsW2SD, that more people will choose to use AT as the way to come to school. We also hope that we will come together as a community more.

Mentor's note: Team you have hit the ground running! Love your thinking on AT & all the positives it brings. Watch this space for a rundown on how it all went.

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back everyone! Clearly it was a jam packed planning session at Warnbro as usual. I've relinked the story to the "Organise regular team meetings" activity as that is the main focus of the story. Make sure you let us know about the Wheeling Wednesdays to get points for that, as well us an update after the WsW2SD event to get those points too (remember we can only assign points once an activity has actually occured).

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Thanks James for clarification on linking stories with activities. I have been confounded a few times but now I get it! I'll make sure that the Team's stories re- Wheeling Wednesdays & WsW2SD are linked to activities once accomplished.

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