Best Feet Forward for the ATF

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

The results from our Active Travel Footprint competition are in. (Even before we checked the data we loved the feet!) Below, the Team "number crunching" in preparation for ATF analysis.

The YM Team decided to do the Active Travel Footprint because we were planning on doing our annual NWS2SD but it got postponed due to COVID19. We chose to do an alternate activity that was fun for the students because we want to encourage AT & if the students are having fun they will want to participate more often. Ruby.

To plan the ATF, we did many things including posters which had all the basic information.These went to all classes. We also handed out info sheets to the teachers to explain what to do. After the feet were returned, we tallied up the data (AT or car?) Then we analysed it. We made up prize baskets for the winning classes. Chloe.

We ran the ATF during Week 7. We found out that 9 out of 11 classes participated in our challenge which is just over 80% of the classes. We found that Monday was the best day for AT & Friday had the lowest numbers. Our data also showed that the younger children used AT less. Luke.

The YM Team had an idea in Term 1 to have an activity (for Term 2) for all the kids to do individually, because it will help them to be independent, responsible & choose to use AT to come to school. It would also help them see how they are going & see how active they are. Beau.

From the AFT, we found out:

  • which days people were most active
  • which classes were most active
  • how many people used public transport, walking, cycling/scooting & coming by car.

We got plenty of data from the ATF which we use to see AT rates & how we need to improve. Miranda.

Below, some of the YM goodies which each winning class received.

The ATF was fantastic. Everything was planned & decided. The only thing that we could improve on is that we could show the school what it would look like & could go to each classroom & talk more about it so they get the main idea. Otherwise we did work setting it out & adding up ALL the scores. Milly.

Mentor's note: This Team just keeps inspiring me! We had a brief chat about the data, then I asked everyone to get writing & as you can see they did. As you can also see sometimes the Team is its harshest critic! My thoughts, Team, is that everything went like clockwork & the response was exceedingly pleasing! The effort put into ATF got the creative ideas flowing with plans already in place for a T3 class comp!

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James (Your Move)

A brilliant run down of your ATF comp! The team clearly really got into the analysis and reflection. You earned 60 points for the ATF competition, 10 points for the depth of reflection, 5 points for the students' perspective, plus 10 for keeping us reading! Now what are you going to do with all the data?

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Thanks James. The Team was really pleased with the response to the AFT comp & the data seemed to show that we have our HU day about right. We did ponder that our younger students seem to be less inclined to be choosing AT; this remains a challenge to the Team as to how to turn that around. We will keep working on that although we found that are some of our "youngsters" who are choosing AT every day so therein lies the puzzle! Individually some STARS, collectively a challenge.

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