It was a flurry of planning, preparation & promotion today with NWS2SD just a little more than a week away....The intrepid Team has been busy compiling this story.

NWS2SD is on Friday, 17th of May.We are meeting 4 guest walkers at our Guarded Crossings. Our guests will then walk with us to school.This is a special NWS2SD as it is the 20th anniversary. We will be giving out stickers to the students & everyone can have a lucky dip from our bags (we have ordered some extra YM pens, slap bands & stickers)

We are trying to use NWS2SD as a way to encourage more people to walk to school & it has been done for 20 years, so it's something special. All the YM Team will be at each of our 3 Guarded Crossings & 4 special people we invited will be there. Every student gets their name written down & a sticker if they walk. The names will go into a draw & one name will be drawn from each hosted walk. Those drawn will be get a prize pack & certificate. They will be our 2019 NWS2SD Wonderful Walkers!

We are doing fruit & vegetable platters at recess to promote healthy food. We are aiming to encourage more people to walk to school (especially if they don't already) If they have fun, they might use AT more in the future.

Mentor's note: AND we were so busy, I forgot to get photos of the flurry! Hopefully I'll remember on NWS2SD! Our Team set about writing invitations last term. Our Deputy Mayor is walking with us, as is the Chair of the School Board, the Community Development Officer for our city & a representative from our local MLA's office.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing all those plans - I can just feel all the excitement of the team! We will score the actual event once you let it know how it all goes, but for now you have earned 10 points for the detailed plans and 5 points for the student content.

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