Big Foot is Coming...

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Week 5 was Winter Walk to School Week & that was a challenge in itself. Typical winter weather meant we had some challenging days (read lots of rain!) but our fantastic feet marched on.

Congratulations to our most ACTIVE classes R7 (Junior) & R14 (Senior) with respectively 28 & 57 participants over the week. Commiserations to R16 which was 1 short of the best total. Nice work R16!

We certainly had some fancy feet with 100% participation, although Room 4 had a "technical" error when a well meaning student trimmed off the toes (& with it the numbers for the week!) Ouch! The new foot was beautifully decorated minus the numbers; thanks for being so honest Room 4. (maybe somebody else to do the trimming next time.)

Here is the teachers' note which was distributed leading up to WW2SW, outlining the details for the week:

The Team checked out the feet & here are the observations:

We tallied up all of the AT for the week. Once this was done we could work out who the winning classes were. These classes will receive their prize baskets at Wednesday's Assembly. Well done Room 7 & Room 14. Dylan

We ran WW2SW because it was on the calendar & we wanted to celebrate AT during winter. We sent a note to the teachers & gave each class a big foot to record how many Active Travellers each class had each day. Each toe was a day of the week. Brianna

WW2SW was Week 5 of this term. It wasn't a nice week with lots of rain but the classes which won the prizes still had good AT numbers (28 & 57) Kelly

We found out that most Senior classes were the highest & the younger they got the numbers went lower although Room 7 (28) & Room 1 (25) beat Room 10 (19). Room 14 came first with 57 & Room 16 was just 1 behind! Brody

Next year we could make this better by making the toes a bit wider so the number can fit more easily. I think that because most of the numbers that were put in the toes were squished altogether. Laghima

Mentor's note: Point noted, Laghima. A big foot with VERY BIG toes for WW2SW 2023!

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James (Your Move)

What a successful Winter Walk Week you had a Warnbro! You have already earned the points for the rewards campaign this term, but I have just given you another 40 points for the event itself and 25 points for sharing all those details and student perspectives. Great to hear that with the right campaign we CAN beat that WA fear of the rain 🤩!

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