Big Foot Made it Home

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Once we have all the feet we will tally up the AT data for the week of Winter Walk to School Week. Each class was given lead up information, including at assemblies, about WW2SW. After all the numbers are crunched we will organize class prize baskets for the Junior & Senior class with the highest AT for Week 5. These will be presented at the next assembly. Dylan

We participated in WW2SW by running our "Big Foot" class competition. It is a way to encourage AT even when its winter. We used the competition as an incentive to walk, cycle or scoot to school in the middle of winter. WW2SW was held in Week 5 of this term so right in the middle of winter! Ruby

We didn't do this alone. We had help, gave lots of reminders (posters, notes to the teachers, information at assemblies). With Mrs Yates we do lots of planning & try to improve all the time. We try our best each year to improve on what we did the year before. Emma

With all the big feet returned Team was asked to analyse the data. Here is the Team's take on the number crunching.

The Seniors scored higher than the little kids & I think it's because you have to be a certain age to walk by yourself to & from school. Kelly

We found out that the older kids were more active than the younger ones. I think the older kids are more active because the younger kids' parents don't want them walking to school or that they live too far away to walk by themselves. Brianna

Today we have found out that the older classes are more active. My theory is that the young kids' parents aren't trusting that their kids will be able to get to school without getting lost. Dylan

We found out that the older kids were more active even though EC3 (20) & R7 (27) did really well for being younger. The Seniors' scores for the Big Feet were really good; they ranged from 34 to 52. Emma

During WW2SW we found out that the Seniors use more active transport than the Juniors. I think this is because most parents wouldn't let their young children walk or bike to school since it would tire them so parents would rather go in the car. We also found out that EC3 got 20 which means they passed their average & achieved really well. Laghima

Mentor's note: some interesting takes on the data by the Team. Next week we'll display the big feet. Then at Assembly the Team will announce the Junior & Senior winning classes & present the class prize packs. Watch this space!

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Oh I love the Big Foot theme team Wanbro 😍. What a great winter incentive. That's 60 points for your interclass competition and a bonus 35 points for great data analysis 🙌🏽

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Thanks Emma, I always like to get the Team thinking.... We had some fun with the big foot idea! Our display will show that they were BIG feet! WW2SW was the perfect "shoe-in " for Big Foot!

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Yes I bet! Can't wait to see the photos 💚

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