Bike racks - All done

Bett Riley
Warnbro Primary School

We have had our new bike racks installed and they look great. The students are filling them up fast. Thanks Your Move for the grant.

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Just checked them out & they look GREAT! Better still nearly full. Super idea re-purposing the other covered area; perfect for more bike racks! Fantastic effort by our Team to earn the points to enable us to utilise a grant.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for the update Bett - you've earned another 80 points for adding this bike parking. I've inserted the images directly into the story to make it easier for all to see and I've also linked the story to the "install bike parking" activity.

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Wow! The new racks certainly look amazing and better still they are serving their purpose and already getting used. I'm sure this new infrastructure will be the talking point of the school!

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