Bike Week Planning...

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

The Team has a number of events happening during Bike Week. Today planning was done for the first of the events, Decorate Your Wheels. The Team sat down & shared the writing up of the planning after we had a round table discussion on the different aspects to DYWs.

Beau contributed: DYWs is where you are invited to decorate your scooters & bikes with imagination.

Milly added: DYWs is happening on Toesday, 10-3-20 in the Undercover Area. We have to be there before 8am to help set up & the judging will start at 8:10am. At about 8:20am judging will be finished & winners will be announced.

Sienna continued: There will be 2 groups: Junior & Senior. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd. For 1st place the prize is a bike helmet, bike book, bike lock, bike bell, drink bottle & YM pen. 2nd prize consists of a bike lock, bike bell, drink bottle & YM pen. 3rd prize comprises bike bell, drink bottle & YM pen.

Chloe wrote: Students will know where to go because we will have signs out for Junior & Senior. That will help entrants but also help us with judging. There will be 3 of us judging Juniors & 3 of us judging Seniors. With 3 of us judging we will have to discuss & agree on the placegetters.

Nathan added: We are running DYWs to encourage more people to use AT.

Ruby concluded: The little kids will be excited. Some people might get upset if they don't win 1st, 2nd or 3rd but we came up with the solution that everyone participating will get a YM bike sticker. We also have some Bike Week stickers so we'll use those too.

Mentor's note: We promise a post-event story including photos of the creative talents of our entrants.

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James (Your Move)

Hello Beau, Milly, Ruby, Chloe, Nathan, Sienna and of course Mrs Yates! Thanks for sharing your plans for DYW - it certainly seems that the winners won't be disappointed with the prizes available! You have received 10 points for these details plus a bonus 5 for sharing all the team's perspectives. I can give you points for the actual event once it has happened - no sneaking in early Mrs Yates (although we do know you are good for it)!

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