Bikes, Bells & Grants!

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Our school Champion, Kirsten, has been busy preparing the Connecting Schools grant application. We had just reached Platinum accreditation so there was extra scope. There were a few ideas being floated but the school settled on pursuing the Bike Ed & Bike check-up package. This was seen as one way to build capacity for increased AT participation in the trip to & from school (& hopefully elsewhere!)

The contributing factors for heading this way were that students would be better equipped (& acquainted) with their bikes & better informed on how to maintain those bikes so that the trips to & from school would be safe & enjoyable. Knowing bike "etiquette" & the rules would also enhance their responsibility as safe road users.

Should we be successful, Bike Ed & the Bike Check-ups will be rolled out in Term 4, in readiness for those carefree summer holidays, riding all over the place & having fun!

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James (Your Move)

Great job achieving Plantinum level everyone and for getting the grant application in Kirsten 😊. You have earned 20 points for applying for the 2023 Connecting Schools Grant and 10 points for sharing the background story. Yes, Term 4 will be perfect preparation for summer time riding ☀️🚲.

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