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Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

We used the Connecting Schools Grant to fund Bike Education for our students. Over the last 4 weeks it has been in progress. Following are accounts by students from Room 17 detailing their learning.

For the last 4 weeks Room 17 has been doing Bike Education, learning how to ride a bike safely & responsibly. We learnt lots of different skills that you need to be able to ride a bike properly. Firstly we went to the basketball courts & before we did anything we had to learn how to wear our bike helmet the proper way. Then we learnt how to safely mount our bike. Room 17 learnt that you had to brake the bike before mounting it as you don't want the bike to run away while you are trying to get on. Thirdly, we learnt how to ride in a group safely & how much space we should have between our bikes & when & how to indicate safely. After that, we learnt the 2 o'clock power push off & then changing gears. We also rode in single & double-lined file. Lastly we learnt emergency stops which is how to safely but quickly stop in case of an emergency. Melanie

In our first session the first thing we learnt was how to put our helmet on correctly. It takes 5 steps. First, put the helmet on your head. Next, is to click & push both of the straps together. Then use 2 fingers to put over your eyebrows; then you need to make sure that the helmet touches the top of your fingers. Next go to the back of the helmet where you will find a wheel to turn to make the helmet the right size for your head. The final fifth step is to pull the straps so that you are able to make the helmet not fall off. And that is how to put on a helmet to keep your head nice & safe. Liam

During our 4 sessions of Bike Ed, we learnt lots of things to help us ride safely. I wasn't here for the 1st session, but the ones I did attend were AMAZING! It was so fun! On our 2nd session, we learnt how to check if our helmets fit & then indicating turns as well as safe spacing while riding single file. On our 3rd session we learnt about gears on a bike & eventually tested them on the oval. On our 4th & final session we split into groups. One group was the Pineapples (my group) & the other was the Broccolis. We rode in single file to find rubber chickens. Whenever we were stopping we would say STOPPING! And whenever we were going we would say GOING! or something similar. Our teachers were Christina & Alex. Arwen

During our last session we learnt more about riding single file. Cailey & Jaxsen hid ducks/chickens around the school (they hid 2) The 2 teams (Broccoli & Pineapple) would ride in a single file line, trying to find one. When we had to stop, the leader would slightly turn their head & call "stopping." The team would pass on the message. Once a team had found a duck or chicken we would ride back to base aka the basketball court. In the first round Broccoli came back with a chicken or a duck. Here's a quick reminder: keep about a bike length between you & the person in front of you! Christina & Alex did a great job teaching Bike Ed. I really enjoyed it, even though I wasn't there for the first lesson of Bike Ed. They even showed us how to put on our helmets properly. Marlee

Mentor's note: sounds like everyone had fun & learnt lots. Hopefully this translates to more cycling next year!

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Thank you Melanie, Liam, Arwen & Marlee for these excellent accounts detailing your Bike Education lessons! Congratulations on your grant Warnbro. Fantastic you are keeping skills and confidence high to support AT. That's 20 points for your acquittal and 80 pts for the Bike Education course, plus 15 bonus points for student's details!

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What a great way to wind up 2023 with this story as one of the contributors (Arwen) joins the Team next year. When the the 2023 Team were shortlisting applicants, Arwen was one of them, so today when we did our handover we had the pleasure of working with Arwen. A "short" story coming soon on the 2023 to 2024 Teams' handover.

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