Brainstorming Proposals

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

The plan is to present the Team's ideas at the next City of Rockingham YM schools networking. We started with each member of the Team writing down ideas individually. From there we shared, discussed & then formulated a consensus model for both Showcase/Celebration & Buddy Teams.

There was much discussion before consensus was reached.This exercise was a great example of round table conferencing with some bonus outcomes!

The bonus "learning" for me included members of the Team being very open & forthright in explaining that until they were part of YM they weren't even friends! Through our sessions, these kids have learnt to get along! (& more to the point are now friends) Secondly, these kids GET teamwork, the value of consensus in decision making & the ability to see everyone's point of view AND the ability to give counterviews respectively. One other chuckle for me was how so many different kinds of learning take place without you even knowing it! I am well known for lots of sayings: baby steps, two bites of the cherry, kudos & so on. Occasionally, one of the Team will stop me in my tracks to explain! Just love all this learning!

Below ideas with which the Team came to a consensus on Showcase/Celebration.

And likewise for Buddy Teams.

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James (Your Move)

It seems everyone was really on fire Arlene! The team have definitely earned their 15 points for your term 3 planning session, and your engaging writeup has also earned you another 10 points. I look forward to reading all about the showcase next term!

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