This afternoon, the Team continued preparations for next week's NWS2SD. This included displaying posters inviting students to join our hosted walks on the day & completing NWS2SD posters (both Pedestrian Council posters & individually designed ones.) These will all be ready & displayed by next Monday.

Next we discussed further plans for our decade of being active. We will have snippets of "did you know?" in YM assembly reports throughout the year. We will be referring to our YM board from last week's 50th school celebrations for ideas. This board now sits proudly in our meeting room! Random activities are also in the pipeline, such as extra wheeling Wednesdays & having a lucky dip bag at the bike racks (besides the usual raffle ticket.) We will continue to brainstorm ideas next week. From there we will chart these plans so that we can give ourselves a timeline (& check list so we don't forget!)

Besides this, the Team visited classes to distribute items from the YM prize box to our growing list of "5 in a row" Star Carders. Currently we have just over 70% of the school with a SC!

We also found time to have a talk about last week's 50th celebrations & discuss "stuff" that the Team learnt about the school from earlier times. All in all, another BUSY but productive YM session.

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James (Your Move)

Whoah - stop the press - did you say 10 years of Your Move? Yes of course it is, but boy did that time fly quickly! And it is also 20% of the school's whole existance - well done 😊! You have earned 10 points for kicking off Term 2 with this team meeting and 10 for sharing all your plans. I look forward to reading how it comes together.

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