Busy Start to Term 3.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

This afternoon the Team met for the first time this term and got straight onto everything that needed to be sorted. (We had quite a list!)

  • invitations to be drafted for our annual Warnbro's WalknWheel 2 School Day (culmination of Bike Month)
  • Wheeling Wednesdays roster sorted.
  • Get started on Race Around the World, counting off "steps."
  • Star Cards, 5 in a row rewards, to students who have completed a row of stars.
  • HOW to pitch the LLs plan to the P&C to make a WSB a reality.
  • Promotional posters for RAtW completed & displayed around the school.

It was a busy time but I am very pleased to say that of the 6 items on our list the Team completed 5 with the 6th one being discussed & ready for further development next week (the HOW.) Way to go Team; nothing dampens your enthusiasm, not even a very wet dreary afternoon!

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James (Your Move)

Of course the team are right into it - they are Warnbro kids! Thanks for sharing your first meeting of Term 3 - it has earned you 10 points, plus another 10 for detailing all your plans. It looks like we are in for lots of good stories this term 😊. BTW what are the "LLs"?

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Thanks, James. LLs is Leadership Labs of course! Further to this I have had a quiet word with the P&C about the Team's plans which were positively received.

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