Jared's observations: We have the camera crew here today to encourage other schools to do Your Move. We were recorded walking, riding and scooting to school. We did an little obstacle course and then Mitch the videographer recorded the traffic.

Right now as I am writing this Mitch is recording us and they are soon going to record the Your Move store and the prizes.

Tori wrote:Today the Your Move Team from the Department of Transport made an amazing video and we were filmed coming to school, riding our bikes & scooters and we are about to have an interview. The day was long, exciting & hard. We did have to miss out on just a little of learning while it was all happening but while we were doing this we were learning other things like how to log in & ride scooters & bikes around difficult obstacles.

Charli added: Today the Your Move Team made a video. The Department of Transport was shooting a video of us & the first thing we did was get filmed walking or riding to school. After that we made a course & we had to ride our bikes or scooters around it. When we finished riding around the basketball court we started doing a blog of what we've done today. After we finish the blog we are going to be interviewed.

Above: "This is what I'd like you to do..."

And: "Let's get started!"

Hayleigh's thoughts were: Your Move members from the Department of Transport, Trevor & Dave, came to our school today. The first thing we did was film the Team coming to school. The second thing we did was an obstacle course activity & I found it fun although it was small. Then we were filmed putting away our bikes & scooters.

Mitchell tells us: Today the Your Move camera crew is here to record us. First we were videoed coming to school. Once we did that we set up an obstacle course with bikes & scooters then we did it. That was very fun. I did the tight corners quickly. Mitchell the cameraman got lots of angles. It was cool. Next we came inside to do activities on the Your Move website. And the last & most nerve-racking part was the interview. I haven't done it yet but I think it will be very scary.

Lastly, Ashleigh's thoughts: Today we did video shooting with 3 people from YM. We were doing a couple of things like walking/riding/scootering on the path to school, obstacle course on the basketball court, putting bikes & scooters in the bike racks & questions like an interview. Some of us brought in scooters & bikes to ride for the video. We are doing this to show other schools how we get our children at Warnbro PS to use Active Transport more. This is a very good way to show other schools how we use AT.

Mentor's note: Thank you Dave, Trevor & Mitch. A busy and enjoyable day telling all the good stuff that is Your Move!

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David (Your Move)

A big 'Thank You' to the Warnbro Your Move team for being so helpful on Tuesday. We're looking forward to sharing the final videos with you!

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James (Your Move)

I can't wait to see the film too! For your story you got 25 points for the obstacle course activity as well as a bonus 50 points for providing the talent for the video. As always there was a further bonus of 5 points for Warnbro students giving there perspective. Have a great weekend!

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Great Story guy's and thanks again for all your help with the video, you guys did really well and I'm impressed with all your great writing skills. I believe this is the first story from any school in which their student "Contributors" have logged in with their own account and drafted the story, then Arlene has collated then all into this 'approved' version. Great stuff!

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The kids had a ball and were very excited at being asked to star in the promotional video. Well done Warnbro Primary's Your Move Team.

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