Cause for Celebration 2020!

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Ah, the sweet smell of success... Today this year's Team (well half a Team!) celebrated last year's Team's success. And as one of 2020's goals, can the 2020 Team emulate last year's success? With all the hard work done so far (even with numbers depleted during Bike Week), I have a good feeling the Team is on the right track (walking, running or riding!)

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James (Your Move)

I think Warnbro might have more double platinums than Justin Bieber! With Mrs Yates helping in the ticket office, I'm sure the Your Move express is definitely on the right track in 2020!

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Thank you James. We are very proud of the Team's efforts so far & I agree, definitely on the right track! We'll keep chugging along.

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