Ms Riley & Mrs Yates challenged us to achieve Platinum by the end of Term 1 because they knew we were capable of getting there and we were so close to Platinum.

Michaela & Isla.

Our goal was to reach Platinum by the end of Term 1. We reached our goal and were very happy. At the end of Term 1 we were on top of the ladder.

Salsabila & Matthew.

Achieving Platinum means that we are proud of achieving it in the time we set ourselves. We achieved without any problem and by working together as a team.

David & Jasmyn.

(Mentor's note: There you have what it means to be challenged, set a goal & ACHIEVE it in the time frame set, in the words of the Student Team. Well done!

At the moment we are working under another set of challenging conditions; we have temporarily, I hope, lost our "TS room" due to unforseen problems with another classroom. So we have a "cubby-hole" where we are be busy planning for WStSD & all things TS! Cosy is the word that springs to mind! This Team THRIVES on challenges so this is merely a hiccup. Photo coming once we have our Platinum sticker for our sign!)

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