Collaboration: Name of the Game!

Arlene Yates

Recently, Bett & I attended the quarterly Rockingham YM schools networking session. Here, each school shares what's been happening & is on the cards to happen. We also share ideas of what seems to work for getting started, for new schools to our network (Welcome on board to St Bernadette's, Safety Bay SHS & Warnbro CHS)

Our trusty co-ordinator, Penny McCall ( COR Community Development Officer Recreation & Well-Being) brought along the City's Map Your Move maps for dispersal to schools. Below, a snippet of these great little guides to all things Active Travel in Rockingham.

Most of us took a bundle to distribute at our schools, to spread the AT word. I hear that these nifty little maps are being used to brighten up maths lessons. What a great practical maths lesson!

Also during our networking, initial preparation was made for planning sessions for a YM Showcase to be held in Term 3, with both student & adult workshops hoping to be offered.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Arlene - thanks for the update on your involvement in the CoR schools network. It's clear to me that networking of this kind is really motivating and informative and just really positive for programs like YM. Being involved has earned you 25 points on top of the 25 points you earned for distributing AT information at the school. Of course you also got a bonus 10 points for giving us lots of juicy details. I know we will hear more about the planned Showcase - but can you also let us know more about the maths lesson in a future post?

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Thanks, James. Bett will give an update with the class use of these great little maps. I understand its being rolled out to a number of classes; what a great way to spread the word!

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