Collaboration: The Way to Go!

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Last week YM schools in Rockingham met up for the regular term networking session. Always great outcomes from this little get together of like minded people! Thank you Penny ( City of Rockingham Development Officer- Recreation & Well-being) for co-ordinating & facilitating these sessions.

Onboard also for the session was Ryan Gibson (CoR Co-ordinator Planning, Design & Construction) who outlined the long term cycle network, shared paths & updates on Guarded Crossings. Carol-Ann, part of the YM Schools Team, gave us the good oil (read Grant information!) on all things YM. There was round table discussion on the possibility of a Showcase/celebration for YM school Teams & the idea of "buddy" Teams. We were then asked to take this back to our student Teams for further discussion.

So this week I took that to our Team, who were very enthusiastic about both ideas. There was a lot of general discussion: if we do this then that can happen... Considering the good general discussion which was had I am keen to progress the Team's ideas further. The intention is to pass this feedback onto Penny once the Team has had more detailed discussion and devised a proposed plan.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for giving us the inside story on your network planning session - it is such a great way to share ideas and keep the passion flowing. I have given you 25 points for your involvement plus the usual 10 points for not being stingy with the details! btw - I really like that idea of having buddy teams - please keep us up to date with how that develops.

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