Last Wednesday after our STRIVE assembly, the Team set about placing the corflutes in "high traffic" areas around the school. Two were placed within the school grounds & two immediately outside the school.

Last week's assembly was special because we had the corflute launch at our school. Our Team won the design competition & our entry helped to develop the concept design. We had 2 special guests attend. They were Councillor Caroline Hume & Community Development Officer, Kieran Birney. Before assembly we welcomed them to our school & took them on a tour. Councillor Hume spoke to the assembly about our Team. She also mentioned that she is one of guest walkers on our walk days! We were excited & proud. After assembly, we assisted Kieran to place 2 of the corflutes within the school grounds. We had decided that these locations should be busy zones. The other 2 were to be placed outside but near to school. Kieran placed those & Mrs Yates asked us to find them after school. We did! One is near the Junior entrance gate & the other is next to one of our Guarded crossings. We are so proud & happy that the corflutes were placed at our school first. Kelly, Brianna & Ruby.

The second corflute being placed, of course, at our bike racks!

The Team with our gardener, Gary, who has been instrumental in all of our Active endeavours.

Mentor's note: After a stint at our school, the corflutes will move around to other schools in Rockingham. Today the Team (well half the Team) wrote the story to complement the photos & give the "Team take" on last Wednesday. Half a Team & double the tasks! A job very well done, Ruby, Kelly & Brianna. Thank you for your massive efforts today.

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Ooh congratulations on the design win Warnbro 🥳. And thank you for the fantastic reporting Kelly, Brianna, Ruby & Arlene! That's 60 pts for the activity and 10 bonus for storytelling 🙌🏽

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