Decorate Your Wheels Part 1

Bett Riley
Warnbro Primary School


We did posters and put them up in the wet areas and Under Cover area. We had the posters and we went around to the classes to talk about DYWs. Before this, Mrs Millar (our Deputy Principal) came down to the TS room and we asked her if we could use the Under Cover area for DYWs. She said yes. We didn't get to do messages but every teacher had information about DYWs.

Jasmyn & Salsabila.

It went well but people were crowding the desk and only 19 decorated their bikes. We had 3 of us judging Juniors (PP-Y3) and 3 of us judging Seniors (Y4-6).

Matthew & David.

I think things could have gone better because students who were not participating kept crowding the table. This made it hard to judge. I think it could have gone better if students listened to us when we asked them to keep the judging area clear! Michaela told them to go back to class.

Michaela & Isla.


Matthew thought that people who weren't participating made it hard by crowding around.

Michaela & Isla found judging the winner difficult because 2 of the students were siblings of one of the TS

Team. So we dropped one of the sibling's positions to second place.

David found that too many people crowding around the table made it hard to tick off participants' names.

(Mentor's note: more photos to coming! Presentations will be done once we have our great bike gear from TS Rewards.)

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