Earlier or Later, as Long as it Happens!

Arlene Yates

Thank you to our Traffic Wardens, who do a great job keeping us safe while we cross the road. Our Certificates of Appreciation have been randomly handed out due to a few hiccups along the way . Firstly our school Champion, Ms Riley, was away so that made the school side of things just a little tricky... Secondly, we had planned all along to present one of the certificates to co-incide with NWS2SD so hence random presentations!

Earlier or later, as long as it happens! THANK YOU for keeping us SAFE, crossing the roads.

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James (Your Move)

Better random than never, Arlene and Betty 😉! I do love this initiative of rewarding those community members who help out so much. You have earned 25 points for recognising the contributions of our traffic wardens.

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