EOY Hands -Up!

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

What a week we have had with the YM Forum, completing our end of year Hands-Up & now seeing the proof in the pudding! Well done to our Teams for helping to create a culture where feet & pedal power is starting to make inroads.

This count saw us edge over the 50% with AT. Drum roll please! So here is how the results panned out:

  • 34% walking (25% February)
  • 17% bike, scoot (19% February)
  • 1% public transport (0% February)
  • 47% car (54% February)

So Active Transporters made up 53% of the school population. Well done, walkers & riders of all descriptions. Improving from the start of the year is a great result & something that next year's Team can use to base the 2019 AT goal.

I would suggest that there is a slight aberration with the bike/scoot result for November. (Think a few left them at home & used walking instead on this day because our bike racks are now always FULL!) Still one form of AT was swapped for another so we are still smiling.)

A great way for the 2018 Team to finish & the challenge already set for the 2019 Team to maintain (& increase?) the AT momentum.

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David (Your Move)

Thanks for the update Arlene. 53% is amazing and testament to the great work you've done in a Double Platinum year! Congratulations to the Warnbro team. I've added 15 points for your always-enlightening data analysis and reflection.

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Amazing results Arlene. You and the team have achieved so much this year. Congratulations.

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