Or cycle, scoot or bus...as long as it's ACTIVE TRANSPORT! Below, from the NEWS DESK, the invitation to join the YM Team on Friday 18th May, NWS2SD.

Charli writes: The guest walkers were really nice. My guest was Deb Hamblin (Deputy Mayor & local City of Rockingham councillor) & Tori's was Rhiarn Baker (COR Community Development Officer Health & Well-being.) Mr Withers, our gardener, always helps with our hosted walks too. We all walked from the Warnbro Sound Avenue crosswalk to our school. I had a great time & it was fun!

Hayleigh reports on recess time: On NWS2SD, at recess, we had platters of fruit & vegetables to share. Ashleigh, Charli & Tori were in the Junior area with platters while Jared, Mitchell & I were in the Under cover area. On the platters we had celery,cucumber, strawberries, watermelon, honeydew, sprouts, plum, orange, tomato, kiwi fruit, grapes & red, yellow & orange capsicum. After most of the kids left our area, we went down to the Junior area.

Jared & Mitchell collected the walk data after Assembly. Here is what they found out: On NWS2SD we had more people using AT. For example, Room 5 had 10 (for NWS2SD) & on our H-U Toesday this week had 7. It was a great turn out. In some of the Junior classes it was hard to get the count because they didn't understand but with the Middle& Senior classes it was easier. In Room 14, AT numbers are always good on event or non-event counts. (averaging 70% for the year so far!)

Charli wraps up the day: I think everything went great especially how many walked & rode to school. What made me really happy was all of the smiles on children's faces when they got their stickers & a lucky dip. It was really fun!

Mentor's note: Thank you Team! Not only were your efforts on the day outstanding, then I ask you to report on it at our next session! The last thing to finally wrap up NWS2SD will be the presentation to our Wonderful Walkers from our hosted walks. (A name was drawn from each of our hosted walks & three lucky "Wonderful Walkers" will receive their prizes at next week's Assembly during the YM presentation)

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James (Your Move)

What a lovely update! You earnt 15 bonus points for the colourful details, results of the day as well as including student comments.

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