Ashleigh has prepared some information on trying to influence greater AT participation. What better way than to use the upcoming National Walk Safely to School Day?

On the 18th May, we have National Walk Safely to School Day. To get ready, we have gone to all the classes and given them 3 NWS2SD posters to colour. Next Tuesday we will go around (a walk by) to the classes to judge the posters. The winning classes (1 Junior & 1 Middle/Senior) will get a prize bag to be shared by the class and a certificate to congratulate their efforts.

By doing this we hope to get more people participating in using Active Transport.

We were a bit disappointed with the posters because not all of them were finished.We only saw 2 of the classes with posters displayed. One class had finished but the other hadn't.

Choosing the winners was easy. We only had to decide if we would give the prizes to the classes. It was easy because we were going to choose one Junior & one Middle/Senior. One of each had put their posters up. They received their prizes at the Assembly on NWS2SD. The prize bags had lots of things; something for everyone in the class.

Mentor's note: this is our first attempt at drafting then completing at a later date. Hopefully everything goes to plan! AND a big WELL DONE to our Team for NWS2SD efforts. You continue to inspire us.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Ashleigh and Arlene. You earnt 15 points for your poster competition as well as 15 points for participating in NWS2SD plus a bonus 5 for Ashleigh's contribution to the report. Not all activities go according to plan - have you thought about how to increase completion rates of the posters next time?

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