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Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Last week P&C President Melissa attended our YM session to listen to the Team's proposal for increasing Active Travel at our school. Here is what she wrote to the Team following the discussion.

Thank you, Juliette, Aryanna, Eli, Jack, Travis & Mrs Yates, for inviting me to your meeting on Monday, 13th September 2021. I found your proposal on the Walking School Bus very interesting. You presented your proposal in a fun & exciting way.

As discussed, I took your WSB idea to the P&C on the 14th September & they were keen to help where they could. The P&C is happy to advertise on social media & talk to parents to get them involved. More information is required such as:

  • Starting time of WSB.
  • Starting location & WSB "stops."
  • How do we know what students are participating?

One hurdle could be lack of parent volunteers.

Over the weekend, I have been reading through the blue WSB folder you gave me & I have also been looking at the Your Move website. I found the "Movers & Shakers-Walking School Bus" video very interesting & thought maybe we could put this onto the Warnbro PS P&C Facebook page (it has a share option) This could be something parents could watch & get an idea of what WSB is.

I have also been researching some survey questions that we could send home to families. If the YM Team would like to look over the questions & see if any changes need to be made or something added that would be good.

Thank you for welcoming me last week. I hope we can get this up & running as I believe it is a positive incentive to have more Active Transport to school.

Melissa Hunter, WPS P&C Association Inc. President.

Mentor's note: Thank you, Melissa for meeting with the Team. Both "sides" have clearly got a lot from it. This afternoon, we went through the survey with just a minor tweaking. The Team completed the first of the WSB posters ready for a "pre-promotion" & we have noted the other queries which can be sorted as we travel this journey. The Team is ready to help wherever needed. True collaboration! Watch this space for how our journey unfolds.

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James (Your Move)

Great to see that the WSB planning is really gaining some momentum! Well done team for doing such a good job in engaging your P&C president - she certainly seems like the person for the job 🤩. Between all of you, you have earned 15 points for this planning session, and 20 points for a very informative story.

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