Fun Feet Fridays

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

The Team is keen to explain FFFs, one of our "incidental incentives" to celebrate 10 years of being an active school.

On FFFs we have to get to school early & go to Room 17 to collect the gate packs. The gate pack tells you which is your gate. You could be at the oval, main entrance or Room 4 gates. Once we are at our gate we wait for everybody to come. Then we get their names & room numbers & write that on raffle tickets.. When the bell goes we return the gate packs to Miss Wittber, then go to class. At assembly the names will be put in the raffle & if drawn, they will win a pick from our prize box. The raffle tickets also count towards our Star Cards. Kelly

FFFs are where we have 3 groups of 2 Team members at three different gates (Junior, Office & oval) We collect raffle tickets with names & room numbers but only if they come through that gate by walking & riding. No-one knows the dates except the Team. We do FFFs twice a term. Emma

On FFFs only the YM Team knows the dates so its like a surprise. During FFFs the YM members stand at each gate (2 at each gate) & we wait for those using AT. We ask them their names & room numbers to write down on raffle tickets. We have been doing 2 FFFs a term. Laghima

FFFs is a bit of a surprise for the kids at our school. If they come through the entrances (where we are) & use AT, they get a raffle ticket to go in the running for a prize at assembly. Brianna

Below the chart the Team came up with to keep us on track with our incidental incentives.

Mentor's note: our incidental incentives have certainly kept the Team busy, as you can see we came up with a few different ideas, all which require Team effort. The above information is also been noted down on our trusty calendar planners.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Arlene and Team 😊. Thanks for your "incidentals" update - it is great to understand how this all works at Warnbro PS. You have earned 50 points for these AT rewards campaigns plus 15 for your clear descriptions of the inner workings 😊.

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