Getting down to Business!

Arlene Yates

Yesterday the Team met for our weekly YM session. We were busy with final NWS2SD planning. First off to do some last minute promotion around the school; thanks Jack, Aryanna & Eli! Next getting names sorted on a couple of raffle tickets. Thanks, Juliette for checking with the teachers so we could get those Star Cards written! Also welcoming our new YM member, Travis who spent a little time checking through his YM folder which is THE guide to all we do! Next we sorted the Wheeling Wednesdays roster. We did a quick check of shirt sizes as the Team is being issued with 2021 NWS2SD shirts! Yes we ARE chuffed.

Lastly preparation for the blender bike which is happening in conjunction with you guessed it: NWS2SD! We needed to have 30 students to take turns riding the blender bike to make those smoothies! What better way than to use the trusty Star Cards? So we started with 3 star SCs, then to 2 stars. Not forgetting to also include the Team we are set for blender bike riders. Watch this space for how it all went...

Then it was time to go to class...

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James (Your Move)

Another jam packed update - I'm buzzing just from reading that (did you write this just after a strong coffee, Arlene?). Well all seems to be under control 😉 - I'm looking forward to hearing how it all goes on the day. I neglected to give you points for "Launch an Active Travel Rewards Campaign" (star cards) last term so I have just given you the 50 for that, on top of the 10 you earned for your team meeting. Plus of course another 10 for all the stimulating details!

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Thanks James, no shot of coffee! More the buzz of enthusiasm from a a very switched on Team!

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