Getting down to work!

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Even though the Team was 2 down today, there was plenty of activity. Students with 5 in a row on their Star Cards were visited to make a pick from the prize box. Then the Team made sure posters promoting last week's WW2SW were taken down. From there we double checked everyone was ready for Fancy Feet Friday at the end of this week. Wheeling Wednesday roster was sorted & assembly presenters prepped this week's assembly script. From there the Team got down to starting the story about our WW2SW class competition. Lastly, we are in early & making a start on our posters promoting our WalknWheel2School Day which is the last Friday of Bike Month in T4. All in all another BUSY YM session! (and all done with smiles on faces!)

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James (Your Move)

So much action from 1 meeting 😲! You have earned 10 points for this, plus 10 for sharing all the outcomes. Looking forward to hearing how Fancy Feet goes on Friday 😊.

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