Getting Ready for NWS2SD

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

National Walk Safely to School Day is coming up on Friday, 11th September. We are hosting walks from our Guarded Crossings & have invited guest walkers to join us. Luke.

The YM Team will go to our Guarded Crossings for NWS2SD. We have all invited a guest to walk with us to school. At each of the starting points, we will have a bag of goodies for everyone to pick something. We will also take down everyone's name for a draw from the hat for a Wonderful Walker prize. Milly.

The WPS YM Team will be hosting a walk safely to school day. We are doing it because we are trying to encourage walking safely to school. We are also doing it to show people the benefits of Active Transport. Walking to school can get your mind active, making you ready to learn when you get to school. Miranda.

We hope on NWS2SD, lots of people walk & ride to school so we can be proud of ourselves for encouraging everyone to use AT. On NWS2SD we will try to get more people actively coming to school & hope the trend continues after the day. Beau

NWS2SD was supposed to have happened in May but now it will go ahead on Friday, 11th September. At Recess, we will have platters of fruit & vegetables for everyone thanks to the City of Rockingham funds for the day. Ruby & Chloe.

Mentor's note: The Team just keeps inspiring me! After reading this, HOW could you not be out & being active? Now we'll just put in an order for a sunny day! Watch this space for how it all goes.

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James (Your Move)

Nice preview of your upcoming Walk to School Day. Thanks WPS team! You have earned 10 points for sharing these details plus 5 for it being from the kids.

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