This morning the Team presented the YM report at the first assembly for this term. Did we get off to a great start! Following are excerpts presented by Kelly & Ruby:

NEWS FLASH! We have NEW Certificates for our Champion classes! Thank you Miss Wittber for re-designing our certificates to reflect that both walking & wheeling are forms of AT. Also included on the certificates is the AT%, so you can track how your class is going.

We now have 119 Star Carders. Remember every Toesday that you use AT, you get another STAR. 5 in a row is a pick from the prize box. And REMEMBER that coming to school by public transport (bus&/or train) is using AT.

Did you know that this is our 10th year of being an ACTIVE school? That is a DECADE if being ACTIVE!

Over the rest of the year we will be reminding you of our different achievements during these 10 years. Tomorrow you will be able to "walk" through our journey so far. Thank you Miss Wittber for putting together all of the STEPS we have taken, the milestones we have achieved & what we have given back to the school community.

NWS2SD is our next event. Check your classroom & posters around the school. Join us on one of our hosted walks to school on Friday, 19th May. Who knows, you might be one of our Wonderful Walkers on the day!


Mentor's note: Ruby & Kelly alluded to "the big event" happening tomorrow: the school's 50th celebrations. Watch this space for more on that soon!

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James (Your Move)

Sorry we missed this one before Arlene - it had the same title as a story from 2019 so the URL got all confused! But great to hear about the assembly update earlier this month. I hear that the 50th party had YM in the limelight 🤩. You earned 25 points for your YM item at the assembly this term and 10 for all the details.

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Thanks for "rescuing" this story, James. I need a flag that tells me I have already used a title! Perhaps a techno-boffin can come up with something to help out? YM was just off centre stage with the 50th celebrations; a really thoughtful touch by our Principal.

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James (Your Move)

We are planning a big upgrade of the site in 2024, so it should all be fixed then.

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