Over the last few weeks the Team has been brainstorming & working on a plan for the Term 4 event "Wheeling Wednesdays." Yes you say, that's ages away but its amazing HOW quickly the time evaporates! Plus there is another motive here; our Team will be presenting a workshop at the first ever COR YM Schools' Showcase, so what better way to prepare than to use real practical "stuff?"

Above is the result of the Team brainstorming over a couple of weeks, complete with add-ons (in red!) for today's discussion on proceeding to our plan & timeline. Below, from brainstorming to time frame.

So resulting from the brainstorming, the tentative time frame was then discussed & fine tuned (all those scribbles in red!) Lots of really good discussion emanated today, with the Team freely & clearly enunciating ideas & additions to the plan. There was a definite air of confidence & satisfaction in the result! So proud of you Team!

The idea of using our Wheeling Wednesdays' planning as the basis for the Team's workshopping at the Showcase, came about as a response to time! The thinking goes like this: the Team has been asked to present at the Showcase, the Team was going to be doing Wheeling Wednesdays in Term 4 so why not put the planning efforts together & have two bites of the cherry? The other crucial reason (for me) was that by using the Team's planning for the Term 4 event as the basis for the Term 3 workshop, it had practical application & maybe other Teams might be able to take the plan back to their schools & use/refine for their own event.

Watch this space (late in Term 3) for how the Showcase unfolded!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for giving us the inside story on your plans for the CoR workshop and your Term 4 event. I have relinked this to the activity on holding regular team meetings as we will allocate points for the term 4 event when it is run, and likewise for the showcase in term 3. I have given you 10 points for details, plus 10 for the team meeting outline.

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