Getting those FEET Moving!

Arlene Yates

Planning is continuing for our Active Travel Footprint class competition to be held during Week 7. This is replacing our had been planned hosted walks for NWS2SD. We are really looking forward to some multi coloured toes!

The Team spent part of our Monday session nutting out the incentives for our ATF. The decision was made to award both both class & individual incentives. The most active classes will receive a "lucky dip" bag/box of YM goodies. Each individual will get a star punched for each active toe (so 5 active toes would equate to 5 in a row. With our Star Cards, for every 5 in a row there is a pick from the prize box!) This way we are acknowledging both class & individual efforts. We like to think it's 2 bites of the cherry!

Next week the Team will fine tune the prize bags/boxes. The idea is that with a variety of YM goodies students will see what's available & decide to keep being active to increase chances of "winning" something! The best kind of winning will be the change of mindset to being more active more often!

Above the "foot" for our ATF & poster reminder. Below, information for teachers regarding ATF.

Next week the Team will also design posters for around the school promoting ATF. The Challenge will also be promoted at the next PA Assembly. Watch this space for Team comments once data has been analysed!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for these details of your plans for the Active Travel Footprint competition. I love the innovation of doing your survey via a footprint (that has earned you 15 innovation points!). I have also given you 10 points for not skimping on the details - of course the points for the comp itself will be awarded with your post event wrap up.

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Thanks, James. You have just planted the seed of an idea which I will take to the Team to discuss re-Term 3 class competition. We will let you know how it "grows!"

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