We planned our TS Year on a sheet of paper to organize the up coming and completed events so we could see our year from a distance.



Fold an A3 piece of paper in 4. In the first box was Term 1 (T1), which had SHORT TERM Goals of NR2SD & DYWs and LONG TERM goals of Platinum status & Warnbro Walker (based on our Hands-Up counts)



We used a piece of paper & folded it in 4 squares. Then we worked on T1, T2, T3 &T4 & on Long Term (LT) and Short Term (ST) goals.

In the first term (square 1) we wrote for short term NR2SD & DYWs. For long term we wrote  Warnbro Walker & Platinum status.

In Term 2 (square 2) for short term we wrote NWStSD & for long term we wrote WW again.

In the third term (square 3) we wrote Bike Ed & Star Cards (SCs) for short term & for long term WW.

In the last term (square 4) we wrote for short term WOO, WtSD, SCs & Ribbons for Road Safety. For long term we wrote SCs & WW, with our  Active Transport goal of 50% of the school choosing AT by the end of the year.


(Mentor's note:  Armed with the trusty whiteboard, last year's brainstorming sheets by the incoming 2016 Team, another big piece of paper, a 2016 TS Calendar AND plenty of ideas, the Team came up with THE PLAN for 2016. We also discussed that there may be additions &/or deletions along the way & that when we had time to document what has happened on the TS Calendar [which each of the Team has in their trusty TS folders.] I am very pleased to say that use was also made of 2015 Active Travel results & 2016 SOY HU survey data in coming up with the long term goal of 50% Active Transport. Super effort, Team!)

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