Got Ready, Got Set, Got GOING!

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

The maps look great & even better with steps being marked off. The maps are displayed facing outwards to passing student traffic so everyone can see the progress being made. At this stage early contenders are Rooms 11, 14 & 10. As you can see, maps are arranged according to the number of Active Travel steps travelled.

At the beginning of each YM session, the Team now marks off the number of steps on the maps (each member is responsible for 1 or 2 maps, making sure that no-one is "stepping out" their own class; we have to keep objectivity in this process!) These steps are based on our Hands-Up data collected each Toesday (Tuesday!) So now not only is our H-U data being used for our Warnbro Walker awarded each fortnight & linked to our Star Cards, but it is also being used for this term's class competition (Race Around Australia) Below, the updated maps back on display.

The use of our H-U data in so many activities shows what a valuable tool it is and why re-invent the wheel when it is already rolling along very nicely?

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for clearly showing how you are integrating your Race Around Australia into your regular Toesday Active Travel Day Arlene. I imagine the really colourful maps are making it really easy for the kids to visualise their achievements. This update has earned you 90 points, plus 10 for sharing so much info.

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