Have just submitted SOY Hands Up data. Loved how % were generated so quickly! Active Transport came in at 48% so although I would like to see it much higher, the aim to get past 50% is definitely do-able & something our Student Team can set a realistic goal towards achieving. As soon as I am able to meet with our new Team, we'll look at setting this goal. Our Move Our Way!

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Justine (Your Move)

Thanks for the feedback on the visual reports, Arlene :). Great to see Warnbro has a clear goal from the get go.

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Thanks Justine. I am thinking of pitching to our Student Team the idea of setting a term by term goal of increasing AT; the thought being that we might see an increase in AT as we go. My thinking is using the online tool at the start & end of each term to gauge HOW we ARE going.

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