How ACTIVE have we been?

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

At the beginning of the year, the Team sat down & worked out the goals for the year. Ambitiously a 51% AT was the goal for Semester 1. Well the results are in & at 47% we didn't quite make it but we talked about the maths of averages! The Team discovered that ALL you need is one low result to throw out an otherwise good set of results! The upside was that having attended the excellent Leadership Labs last week, we know that at 47% we were still ahead of an average of around 20% (Perth schools, generally speaking) If it's any consolation, our T2 AT was 48% (a smidgeon better than 47%!) And at 47% were had improved from our SOY of 44%.

When we looked more closely at the data we found some classes are consistently punching above our average (56%, 60%) & one of our Junior classes has recorded consistently at least 50% or greater except for once (42%.)

The silver lining? Our Junior classes are improving their AT% & the Seniors are more often than not achieving at least 50% AT. Well done Team; you ARE walking the walk!

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James (Your Move)

So many positives there Arlene 😍! Was the survey on a lockdown day? As discussed on Swan View's story - that might be one of the 'spanners' you eluded to 🤔.

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Actually the "spanner" that skewed our results was a rainy day! Better start promoting those backpack "raincoats!" Lockdown can definitely be another spanner but then lockdown throws a spanner in everything; change what you can & accept what is out of your hands.

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