With swimming lessons throwing normality out the window, we are winging it! So here we are, HOW did we go with our AT this term? Ouch just crunched the numbers for this week's H-U, and sad to say not reaching our target! We will plead mitigating circumstances: swimming lessons (all that extra stuff that needs to be brought to school) & sadly some of us get a little worried when the skies get grey!

The statistics: 58% came by car, 5% cycled, 2% used public transport & 35% walked.

The above is a snapshot in time. The good news is looking at trends with some of our classes eg our STAR class Room 16 maintained a 60% AT average this term! Nice going Room 16.

  • Rm 1 35%
  • Rm 11 46%
  • Rm 14 49%
  • Rm 16 60%

Looking through the data for this term, AT numbers have decreased when there has been inclement weather. And it's amazing how one "down" count can affect the average for the term.

The positives to take from this analysis is that we ARE slowly chipping away (Rm 16 attests to that!) We are even seeing some healthy competition between classes to be the Champion class for the fortnight. Another encouraging measure is the response to our Star Cards; every class has Star Carders & this grows each week.

We will review in Term 4 & hopefully the Team will have achieved the goal of 59% AT.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Arlene. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the reasons behind your AT results. I think you are right about weather and swimming having an impact. I'd also be interested to know why you think there is a such a wide ranging result between classes. Is it random? Are they in different year levels? I've given you 10 points for details and another 10 for your insightful reflection.

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Yes, James, there is quite a range. Sadly our junior students (eg Rm 1) tend to be somewhat behind the seniors when it comes to AT. I attribute this to parents being reluctant to let their little ones walk or cycle to school. The win/win is for parents to walk or cycle WITH their children! We ARE still working on that one; baby steps they say...

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