How HAVE we gone this Term?

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

This term the YM Team has been busy with lots of things. We focussed on the promotion of our celebration event, Dress up as Your Favourite Animal, for much of the term. We made posters, spoke at assembly & wrote messages to be read over the PA. We also celebrated that we have our first Super Star Carder (completed the SC) We are very close to Double Platinum. Ruby

What we did this term was to announce DUAYFA at assembly. We even put up posters around the school about the upcoming event & we covered all bases by also including posters which stated : Tell a "tail" for those who might not want to dress up. We all know that it should be spelt "tale" but we were working with the idea of animal tails! Plus we thought it could be a conversation starter! Overall we have been busy & I'm happy to say I have heard some people are super excited about our event! Laghima

I started YM this term & the Team had already done lots before I joined but we did a lot this term as well. Like we got to 71% of the school with Star Cards. We designed lots of posters for our upcoming events. Brody

There was Winter Walk to School Week this term & we ran a class competition which went well. RAC Little Legends came to school. Even though it doesn't seem like we were that busy we ARE always busy & this term I think we did well keeping up with all the work. Kelly

Over the course of the term, a new member joined the Team (Brody.) We have spent a lot of time on our own event (DUAYFA) with planning & promotion. We continued with Wheeling Wednesdays & all the other parts of our YM activities. Dylan

This term the YM Team has done lots of things such as WW2SW which was a big success & lots of fun. At the moment we are edging closer to Double Platinum. Brianna.

Mentor's note: So proud of you Team! You hardly come up for air from the time to set foot in our YM room till the time you leave to go to your next class! You give up your lunch time every Monday to come up with AT ideas & put them into action. The expectations have been set high & you attain (& maintain) those expectations. You truly are leaders. Well done.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks so much for sharing all your reflections on the term, Brianna, Dylan, Kelly, Brody, Laghima and Ruby! It sounds like you have had a super term - and taking the time to reflect on all your achievements has earned you 15 points, plus 5 for sharing it in your own works. Mrs Yates has also earned 10 points for passing on all the details of your accounts. Kelly thanks for telling us about the RAC Little Legends visit - I don't think your team have posted a story on that yet 🤔!

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Thanks, James. RAC LL's visit is in the pipeline.... As soon as we have all the details there WILL be a story!

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