Part of our Schools Connecting Grant was for People on Bikes to come to check over students' bikes (maintenance) & also to skill-up our Team in bike repair. Following, the Team's thoughts on the bike repair workshop.

Miranda wrote: After the Decorate Your Wheels event, we got to meet Paul from the People on Bikes. He taught us about the bike repair station. We leant how to inflate tyres, fix punctures, adjust the handlebars on bikes & much more. It was super helpful & the Team cannot wait to help out students who need their bikes fixed. It was an excellent experience which was super helpful.

Aryanna added: Learning about how the tools work for a bike was so much fun. We learnt how to check for punctures, use the tools & much more. I found it fun because we got to use all the different types of tools. We fixed a puncture as well. The coolest part was where we could find bubbles & find the puncture!

Paul was from People on Bikes. He taught us how to fix a bike if it breaks. He also taught us how to fix a flat tyre without having to do much & he helped us to save little Timmy (the tyre). I really enjoyed learning about fixing bikes. Thank you Paul! Juliette

Paul, from People on Bikes, was at school to teach us how to repair bikes. The first thing we did was learn how to place a bike on the holder of the bike repair station. The second thing we learnt was how to make sure the handle bars are safe (not loose). Then we learnt about all the different tools & their uses. After that we all learnt how to repair a flat tyre. It was fun & Paul was really helpful & friendly. We all learnt lots. Eli

Mentor's note: Thank you, Paul. Your patient & thorough explanations meant the Team have walked away with a wealth of "bike fixing" knowledge. On another note, the Team is putting the final touches to how the R2SD event went this year. Watch this space!

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James (Your Move)

What a brilliant session - and so appreciated by the students! I'm glad to hear Timmie came through OK. In a previous story you earned 40 points for your CS grant, but I have also given you 10 points for sharing all the details of your maintenance workshop here and another 5 for the uplifting students' perspectives.

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Thanks, James. Despite a very hot morning, the Team came away from the workshop with the "thumbs up!" It was a very worthwhile learning session.

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