Incidental Incentives the Way to go!

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

As has already been mentioned, this year the Team is celebrating 10 years of being an active school. I asked the Team to outline what our incidental incentives are & how they work.

Our school has been with TravelSmart & Your Move for 10 years. To celebrate this milestone, our Team thought of Fun Feet Fridays (or for short FFF). We go in pairs to each of our entrances to the school in the morning & write raffle tickets for everyone using AT. These raffle tickets go into our box for a prize at our STRIVE assemblies. They also count as Stars on our Star Cards. Ruby

First in Best Dressed is linked with our Wheeling Wednesdays. We have planned when our FIBD dates are & put them on our calendar planner. Whoever from the Team is rostered for that Wheeling Wednesday collects the prize from Miss Wittber & gives it to the first wheeling student to arrive at the bike racks. So far the prizes we have given away are an umbrella, water bottle, backpack raincoat & a novelty bag of little YM goodies. Next term the prize will be a Family Activity book. We have tried to link the prizes with the weather so during winter we have given away the umbrella & the backpack raincoat. Emma

We also came up with Random Wednesdays where we have a lucky dip bag with an assortment of YM items. Random Wednesdays are once a term on a Wheeling Wednesday. We chose a lucky dip because we want to encourage & reward students using AT. So when students using AT on a Random Wednesday turn up at the bike racks, they get to have a pick from the bag of goodies! No one except the Team knows the dates which we have planned & put onto our calendar planner. We use the calendar planner so that we can see at a glance WHAT we doing & WHEN. Laghima

The other incidental incentive we came up with was doubling the number of raffle tickets we drew at STRIVE assemblies for Toesday Hands-Up & Wheeling Wednesdays. We thought this was another way to encourage AT. We checked out when the Assemblies were & then made sure on our Assembly script to pull out twice as many raffle tickets (as usual) for both Toesdays & Wheeling Wednesdays. Kelly

Mentor's note: So we have been busy doing plenty of orders from the Rewards Shop! The Team has been very dedicated with all the extra responsibilities that being 10 years old brings with it! Our calendar planner has certainly been full this year. It has been a constant reference to ensure that we do not double book ourselves. Well done, Team!

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James (Your Move)

Wow - FFF, FIBD, RM, Strive - so many incidental rewards - you have earned 25 points for explaining how each of these works -thanks team 😁!

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