Introducing (Most of) the 2022 Team.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

The Team has been very busy already, deciding goals, events & campaigns. In amongst this everyone has also written about Team goals & personal aspirations while being part of this year's Team. Unfortunately 2 of the Team were away today so Dylan's & Brianna's introductions will be coming soon!

My name is Kelly. I'm in Year 5 & I'm really happy for this year. I'm doing YM because it makes me happy. The important goal for me this year is to help make the school a happier place & to help me with my anxiety. The important goals for the Team is to encourage AT.

Hi, my name is Laghima. I like video games. I am doing YM because I want to make my family proud & express myself. My YM goal is to help to make YM more popular. A YM Team goal is encouraging more students to use AT because it will keep them healthy.

Hi, my name is Ruby. I am a Year 5 & I am 10. I have joined YM this year. I am doing YM because I would like the school to be more active by using AT as the way to come to school. I would like to be part of a team that shows other people responsibility. I would like to be a leader. This year I would like to be more active, healthy & strong. The important goal for the YM Team is to encourage others to be more active in how they come to school.

My name is Talayah & I am in Year 5. I am doing YM this year because I want to do new experiences & also to try new things. What I want to get out of YM is for more people to use AT like biking & scootering. My YM goal is to encourage more students to use AT to come to school. A YM Team goal is to have fun & work hard to reach our goals.

Wow, these young people blow me away each year with the varied reasons for being part of YM! Always inspiring me to drive them to achieve their goals. A constant I have found over the years is that YM has most definitely provided the springboard for other leadership roles. Such a positive program. Hopefully we will be able to post Dylan's & Brianna's contributions next week.

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