Introductions at Last!

Bett Riley
Warnbro Primary School

My name's Jasmyn, I am 10 years old and I'm in Year 5. I am doing TS because I want to encourage students to use Active Transport and to get our students healthy and to look after the environment. I want to improve my teamwork and co-operation in events and activities with the Team. This is what I want to get out of TS. My important goals are to get to Platinum by the end of the term and I want to get students to use Active Transport.


I am Salsabila, I'm 10 years old, in Grade 5 and in Room 15. I am doing TS because I want to use more Active Transport as the way to come to school. Also to be confident to speak in front of the whole school. I want to be more confident in speaking to classes and at Assemblies. Also I want to be active at school. My goal is to reach Double Platinum and be school of the year.


Hi, my name is David. I'm in Year 6. I'm doing TS because it is something new. What I want to get out of TS is for more students using Active Transport. The important goal for me is more people using Active Transport.


Hi, my name is Isla. I'm in Year 6, 11 turning 12 and in Room 16. I'm doing TS because it's fun and I love talking in front of people and getting stuff ready. I hope we (the TS Team) achieve Platinum. My goals are to achieve Platinum and to ride to school as many times as possible.


I am Matthew, I'm 9 turning 10, in Grade 5 and I enjoy school... especially maths. I joined TS so I can help organise events, and help out around the school. I want to get more people choosing Active Transport. My goal for this year is to get our school to Double Platinum.


My name is Michaela Roberts. I am 11 years old and in Year 6. I am doing TS because I love to ride my bike. What I would like to get out of TS is to have better team skills. The important goal for this year is getting to Platinum.


(Mentor's note: so there you have it, a committed TS Team, full of enthusiasm and ideas. How lucky am I? These students have been so busy from the start of the year that this is the first chance we have had to get the intros done. Watch this space for their takes on NR2SD and Bike Week; coming soon...)

Warnbro TS Team L - R: Jasmyn, Salsabila, David, Isla, Matthew and Michaela looking GREAT in their new TS shirts. OOPS, how could Isla have forgotten to wear her TS shirt?

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