KTK Part 4

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Summer notes:

The KTK program was really helpful with a lot of things. It helped me with..

  • not polluting the environment
  • not throwing rubbish in the sea
  • I learned to co-operate with other students from different schools

My favourite part was when we got to watch a play by Meadow Springs PS. It was like ghost busters but it was named Eco-busters because they were picking up all the rubbish. It was cute because the children were Year 2s & one of them was my my cousin.

On the first day, we listened to Baldivis Children's Forest Ambassadors speak about the conference & then we watched Eco-busters which I described earlier. Then we split into groups. I got put into a group without anyone from my school. My group was Makaru which is an Aboriginal season. We did a lot of activities.

On the second day we did even more activities. All of the stuff we did on Thursday was to do with nature.

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Justine (Your Move)

It's important to remember how to not pollute the environment! Thanks for the update

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